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) While Western astrology emphasizes the signs of the zodiac over anything else, Vedic astrology emphasizes what are called “yogas.” Yogas are combinations of signs, planets, and houses that reveal everything about a person – their inner and outer experiences including their psychology, talents, success, power, intelligence, financial abundance, health – even their length of life!

So, a Vedic astrologer will look to see what formations the planets are creating in your chart by checking to see things like how many houses your planets are in, if they’re all “rising” or “setting,” what sections of the chart they’re activating or deactivating, what kinds of signs they’re in, the “modality,” “elements,” and “genders” that dominate, etc.

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And they think their chart will reveal the WHEN, WHO, and HOW of it all.The techniques of Vedic astrology are far more complicated than those of Western astrology.(I’m not being an astrology snob here – even a Western astrologer would tell you that!And yes, you’d love to know what it is that’s keeping you from having a devoted, loving man in your life, but at the same time, you almost feel hopeless and resigned because you don’t want to risk getting your heart broken again.So you feel stuck between wanting some help and advice, and wanting to give up on love altogether. maybe it’s not that there’s anything “wrong” with you – maybe it’s WORSE – maybe you somehow “missed your destiny” and now someone else is married to your husband!

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