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The Open SSL library does this by examining the signer of the server certificate, or certifying authority (CA).If Open SSL is unable to automatically trust the CA, or if some other problem occurs (such as an expired certificate or hostname mismatch), the Subversion commandline client will ask you whether you want to trust the server certificate anyway.RA layer request failed: PROPFIND request failed on '/projects/foo': PROPFIND of '/projects/foo': Server certificate verification failed: issuer is not trusted ( at C:\Program Files\Git/libexec/git-core/git-svn line 1869 What is the expected output? I would expect some kind of interface to be able to accept (t) or (p) What version of the product are you using? Each time you try some SVN command, you get "Error validating server certificate" problem with subversion.Again, the runtime servers file allows you to automate this challenge on a per-host basis.Either or both pieces of information can be described in runtime variables: [groups] examplehost = host.[examplehost] ssl-client-cert-file = /path/to/my/cert.p12 ssl-client-cert-password = somepassword Once you’ve set the ssl-client-cert-file and ssl-client-cert-password variables, the Subversion client can automatically respond to a client certificate challenge without prompting you.A client certificate is usually stored on disk in encrypted format, protected by a local password.When Subversion receives this challenge, it will ask you for both a path to the certificate and the password which protects it: $ svn list Authentication realm: Client certificate filename: /path/to/my/cert.p12 Passphrase for ‘/path/to/my/cert.p12’: ******** …

The problem now is that even if I entered the “p” option the next time I access SVN the same exception occurs again.

However, if the certificate is not trusted subversion will ask you whether you trust the certificate and if you want to add this certifacte.

svn info Error validating server certificate for '': - The certificate is not issued by a trusted authority.

svn list Error validating server certificate for ‘ ‘: – The certificate is not issued by a trusted authority.

Use the fingerprint to validate the certificate manually!

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