Gradual exclusivity dating

There was one instance when my boyfriend was active on messenger but he was sitting next to me, playing his video games. If it has been a week or so and she didn’t make an effort to reach out, then yes, she has ghosted you.

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Maybe she has something going on she has trouble communicating.If this was me, I would drop it because if one girl doesn’t want anything to do with you, you could always find one who does.A rough trial and error process though, but dating is simply a numbers game. Peace.”She might come back with, “Sorry I went dark.I know it's probably very difficult to do in your shoes right now, but try to be patient. I will go to the grave alone because I cannot tolerate all the bullshit games one must endure in 2019 dating circles. Wish it gets better, but I fear that’s a line to keep one trudging along with false hope.It sounds like one of those situations where you should hope for the best, but also expect the worst. Yeah, nobody is really "too busy" to communicate with someone they're interested in.

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