Gretsch round badge dating

It has round badges and are 6ply shells with no paper badges on the interior.

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Please wait to pay until I will send an invoice with the correct shipping. This includes the actual shipping plus handling which covers rent/mortgage.

Sonor Signature Sonor Force Yamaha Oak Custom Tama Superstar Alesis Ayotte Bass Drum Bass Drum Pedal Camco Cowbell Deagan Double Bass Pedal Drum Kit Drum Machine Drum Rack Drum Sticks Drum Throne Drum Wrap Drums Dunnett Dw 9000 Dw Collectors Dw Performance Dw Snare Electric Drum Set Electronic Drums Fibes Gibraltar Gms Gong Gretsch Drums Gretsch Round Badge Gretsch Usa Custom Leedy Ludwig Acrolite Ludwig Classic Maple Ludwig Drum Set Ludwig Snare Ludwig Vistalite Mapex Marching Snare Drum Noble Cooley Pdp Drums Pearl Masterworks Pearl Reference Percussion Pork Pie Premier Radio King Roland Roto Toms Slingerland Drums Slingerland Radio King Slingerland Snare Snare Snare Drum Sonor Tama Tama Granstar Tama Snare Tambourine Timpani Vibraphone Vintage Vintage Drums Vintage Ludwig Drums Vistalite Wfl Xylophone Yamaha Absolute Yamaha Drums Yamaha Snare Ddrum Tama Rockstar Pearl Masters Yamaha Maple Custom Yamaha Maple Tama Starclassic Yamaha Stage Custom Rogers Drums Mapex Saturn Gretsch Renown Tama Imperialstar Canopus Yamaha Recording Custom Yamaha Recording Pearl Drums Ludwig Drums Electronic Drum Set Craviotto Sonor Drums Premier Drums Ocdp Dw Drums Ludwig Black Beauty Tama Drums Pearl Session Roland Drums Custom Drums Tama Artstar Marimba Ludwig Supraphonic for more great Gretsch goodies. TERMS of SALE BUY IT NOW listings come with a 14-day Return Privilege. We work hard to serve your musical wants and needs. Sizes are 12x8,13x9 Toms 16x16 floor tom with legs and 22x14 bass drum with legs.

If you do not agree with this policy, please do not place a winning bid. Original wrap is in good condition but does show signs of cracking. Top hoop is Gretsch die cast bottom hoop is non-Gretsch aftermarket.

Gretsch round badge floor tom in beautiful "Midnight Blue" pearl.

This 16" x 16" floor tom is in very good shape overall with original round badge, streamline lugs, double mufflers, and leg mounts.

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