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The most important and frequently asked question in Hibernate is the difference between merge and update methods and often we can notice that developers use update() and merge() methods alternatively. We know that both merge() and update() methods are used to update the entity and can also change the state of an object(from detached to persistent state). Please read package model; import javax.persistence. Create Hibernate util class package db; import org.hibernate.

I like to share my knowledge with others especially on technology đŸ™‚ I have given all the examples as simple as possible to understand for the beginners.The only thing that seems a little confusing is that the rolename is unchanged. Do you think Hibernate has to show the statement in it' logs? , update_user......means it is updating all the things, while it should only update the update_time=? Calling save Or Update() with a detached instance simply assumes that all properties has been modified since Hibernate doesn't know the initial state.Then you have to set the right property in your xml, set show_sql to you are right in terms of save Or Update() is doing something, but not according to my knowledge on that,and role Name is not changed because from the UI i am getting its value and it is common for adding a role or updating a role. , update_userand if the value of create_user and create time is filled previously then update query generated is like what i have posted in previous post.. Using the select-before-update option will not help, since it is only used to confirm that at least a few values has been changed.Hi all, I am new user of hibernate, and getting confused with the working of save Or Update().I have read that save Or Update() will update the table entry if there is a record present for that ID, and if the id is not present then it simply insert the record. I have a Role Table like Role_id | Role_Name | Create_Time | Create_User | Update_Time | Update_USer1 Admin At null nullnow when from the UI when an update is happen, I just use this, they are set to null.

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