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To have a successful vacation together, you first need to manage and articulate your individual expectations. don't feel embarrassed with yourself to admit however small or however big they are." She encourages daters to create "conscious awareness" of their expectations by making a list of "must-haves," then divided into "wants" and "needs." From there, she says, "Determine what of these items do I actually want to communicate to my mate about …Ruskin advises people to take stock of both their conscious and unconscious expectations for their vacation. before we go, and what are the things that, while we are there, can be something more of a dialogue." Ruskin noted that while you're making your list, you may realize some of its items don't need to be discussed at all because it's something you can make happen on your own.To figure that out, O'Neal urges individuals to tell themselves, "I want to have this kind of a trip, but who is the person I'm going on a trip with?

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This can stem from "an unspoken assumption" that the person who suggests the vacation will be the one paying for it."The biggest misconception couples have is expecting that [the vacation will] go smoothly without a hitch," Edwards said."It's so rare for that to happen, but that's the very thing that makes your experience unique.In reality, even the most devoted couples have arguments, especially when they need to work together to deal with the added stress of traveling.A couples vacation can be an amazing time to deepen your connection with your significant other, but it can also be an unexpected source of tension if you're not on the same page.

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