Hrvatska prijatelj dating

Sto se mene tice, uz turske, komotno mogu nositi i zastave nacisticke Njemacke, okupatori bili i jedni i drugi.Da, tacno je da Turci prave dzamije, poslovne prostore.sebi, tu su iskljucivo radi novcane dobiti, a ne prijateljstva.Dok vi pricate ovdje kako ljubav prema Turskoj ne raste Ahmet Davutoglu (citaj MVP Turske) dobiva pocasni doktorat na UNTZ Moja matica nije Turska. Sa Turskom ja nikakve veze nemam jedino što mi je vjera Islam kao i Turcima. Srbima je matica Srbija Hrvatima je Hrvatska a mnei je matica Bosna i Hercegovina!ps: Sjetite se da Turci nisu dali da se unese transparent sa Srebrenicom kada se igrala utakmica prije par godina u Istanbulu.Odgovor će ti uskoro stići, a sve ostalo ide spontano...Otidjite u sela okolo Srebrenice pa pitajte koliko im je turski narod dao pomoci.Increasingly active in the Balkans, Turkey has been striving to broker friendlier relations between the Balkan neighbors.

Finally, on April 24, 2010, Turkey achieved a major diplomatic success when the Istanbul Declaration on Peace and Stability in the Balkans was signed by Serbia, Croatia and Bi H.

Being a member of the Southeast European Cooperation Process (SEECP), an initiative dating back to 1996, Turkey held the chairmanship of SEECP from 2009 to 2010.

In the framework of SEECP, Turkey successfully managed to institutionalize two tripartite consultation mechanisms: Bi H-Serbia-Turkey and Bi H-Croatia-Turkey.

As a result of these, the Serbian parliament adopted a declaration apologizing for the genocide of Srebrenica.

In turn, Turkish companies are pouring in significant investment by deciding to build a new highway linking Belgrade with southern Serbia.

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