I hate playing dating games

They don't operate under the mindset that allows them to enjoy toying with your emotions and playing mind games.

These girls would much rather spend time truly getting to know you and building a healthy, fun relationship that you're both able to enjoy.

To everyone struggling with dating: quit worrying about shit you cannot control.

I'm starting to figure out why dating isn't working for OP based on her responses.

If you run quick enough after turning off the light, the monsters can't get you. Step Three: If you see something move in the shadows or anything at all. Don't do anything, just walk past it, if you show them that you are weak and you are scared. You create so much of your own heartache and anxiety by fretting over things you have no bearing seriously, as a dude, this is actually SPOT ON.

The advantage is yours really, because you were able to familiarize yourself with the layout while there was light. Step One: Pound your chest and show who's the alfa male in the house. I've been through the same old rigmarole, I would highly advocate being more open and honest from the get-go, so that all of these modern frustrations can become non-factors.

Pretending to feel hurt about something could not be further down on her list of favorite things to do in a relationship.

She isn't going to search for reasons to “call you out” or blow something out of proportion so she can accuse you of lying to her.

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Through their immature “womanly ways,” they've turned playing games into a sick art form that, for some reason, they're proud of.

But there are plenty of girls out there who do not play games.

Maybe you've met one of these girls, and you really didn't know what do with her because you were just in shock that she didn't ask you trick questions or pretend she wasn't interested in you “just to keep you guessing.”The good news is even though these girls may seem hard to find at times, the girls who refuse to play games with you are out there waiting for someone to appreciate them.

She knows what it's like to date someone who hurts you by trying to “test” you, manipulates your emotions and just thrives on rocking the boat for no reason.

She's all too aware that "game mode" is not a healthy way to operate when it comes to love and the pursuit of it.

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