Demo This demo shows you how to use Java Script API ZChat_Set Product Name method to pass the product key to agent console. If you have specified "Custom User Profile URL" in the "Integration Settings" page, so chat can open the user profile page of your site based on this user key.

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It allows you to monitor website visitors and initiate proactive chats. A Chat Widget appears as an Image Chat button and it floats in a specified position.

This poses certain risks one has to understand before using it.Demo Monitor tag allows you to monitor your website visitors and proactively invite them to chat, but don't want the customer support button to appear on your pages.Demo ZChat allows you to gather additional information available from the web page and pass them into chat server.The Ict network provides an experimental Tangle testnet.So this chat is actually running over a Tangle similar to the IOTA mainnet.

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