Intimidating hostile or offensive work environment

If the offensive actions branch out from the workplace to the victim’s home or other activities, a police report should be made immediately.In such cases, a restraining order can be obtained through the court system.To obtain information and forms for requesting a restraining order, the victim may visit the state’s court system website, or making a phone call to the state court civil clerk’s office For example: Alonzo began making advances toward Julia a mere three days into his new job.After rejecting Alonzo’s actions and requests for a date, Julia started receiving suggestive email messages in her company account.

When Julia received text messages from Alonzo, trying to jeer her into paying attention to him, Julia took her complaint to the company’s human services department.

Many lawyers claim to have employment law experience.

Also, many lawyers try to have it both ways and represent employers and employees. The attorneys at Douglas, Leonard & Garvey have years of experience in representing victims of harassment.

There are certain steps for anyone experiencing a situation that makes their work environment difficult or unbearable.

These are centered around giving notice that the behavior is unwanted, and documenting the behavior.

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