Introvert dating

This is a lie and we should stop believing it stat.Introverts don’t interact with people any differently than extroverts, they just get tired of other people more quickly.

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Now I appreciate the quiet nights in because I’m old AF (or at least I feel that way). People automatically assume that an introvert is someone who can’t function around people in a social setting.

I get way more time with my girls than I did in past relationships.

Introverted guys don’t want to spend an entire evening with you and your friends — not because there’s anything wrong with them, but because we all know when we get together with the ladies, it’s noisy, raucous, filled with wine and can get a little wild.

As I mentioned earlier, dating an introverted guy was hard for me for awhile.

As I’m getting older and realizing that people suck and I don’t actually want to spend time with them for an entire weekend, the ways of the introvert are growing on me.

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