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Baldwin's police department claimed that they mailed Lisa a letter about the car a day after Michael vanished. When they produced a copy of the "letter" Lisa still claimed that she never received it.Maurice believed that the letter was just one part of an elaborate cover-up by the Baldwin police regarding his son's disappearance.He then told her that he needed to borrow her car and left her stranded at the station.He also told her to go to his parents' home and that he'd meet her there in two hours.Sebastian Joe's🍦, Lake Harriet (Bde maka ska and Isles too if you want a REALLY long walk), Spyhouse☕️, Target Field for a Twins game, Guthrie Theater for🎭 and to visit the endless bridge, and if you're there at the right time don't miss the MN State Fair! Thanks for watching @WCTH_TV with us all season long #Hearties!!!

Three months later on May 21, the Baldwin Borough Police Department notified Lisa that her car had been impounded.

Pittsburgh investigators believed that the delay seriously jeopardized their investigation.

The Pittsburgh Police Department went to Baldwin to determine why there was a delay.

Two weeks later, the car had still not been found, so Michael's father Maurice decided to start his own investigation into his son's disappearance.

He offered a reward for information, posted fliers, and traveled as far as California to talk with friends of his son.

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