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The actress has recorded an appreciable number of works in both film and television and hopefully more to come.While you can be easily overwhelmed looking at the number of films she has starred in and not knowing which to watch, here are 10 Natalie Portman movies you must see at least once.While performing his duties there, he gets involved in a helicopter crash which was believed to have killed all of his crew but in reality, he survived the crash with another soldier in his team.They were thereafter taken captive by the Taliban who subject them to severe torture but after some time, he gets rescued and returns home.Thus, it is also one of the best Natalie Portman’s movies any fan of romantic drama films must watch.Moneywise, Closer returned 5 million from a budget of million.In 2009, Natalie Portman starred in Brothers as Grace Cahill alongside Tobey Maguire as Capt.

Other stars in the American psychological horror film are Mila Kunis as Lily (The Black Swan), Vincent Cassel as Thomas Leroy (The Gentleman), Barbara Hershey as Erica Sayers (The Queen), and Winona Ryder as Elizabeth “Beth” Mac Intyre (The Dying Swan).Her character was a 28-year-old dancer in a New York City ballet company who is an embodiment of the typical things that makes a human.She is in a constant battle with herself which prevents her from doing what she wishes to do.To tell you why this is a masterpiece, a lot of work was put into it starting from the scriptwriting to forming the crew and ultimately, the filming of the project itself.Natalie went the extra length of working with dialectologist Barbara Berker to master the English accent which the role demanded of her.

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