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Isotopes are used as tracers in many medical settings.

Radioactive isotopes are used to identify abnormal bodily processes.

Each atom is understood to be made up of three basic parts.

The nucleus contains protons (tiny particles each with a single positive electric charge) and neutrons (particles without any electric charge).

Geologists must first choose a suitable rock unit for dating.

They must find rocks that contain these parent radioisotopes, even if they are only present in minute amounts.

Most often, this is a rock body, or unit, which has formed from the cooling of molten rock material (called magma).

Examples are granites (formed by cooling under the ground) and basalts (formed by cooling of lava flows at the earth’s surface).

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It is the number of neutrons in their nuclei that varies, but too many neutrons make the nuclei unstable, as in carbon-14.Ages of many millions of years for rocks and fossils are glibly presented as fact in many textbooks, the popular media, and museums. One has only to wait: time itself performs the miracles.”1 Yet few people seem to know how these radiometric dating methods work.For decades, the biologists have boldly proclaimed that, whereas we cannot observe today one type of creature evolving into a totally different type of creature, “Time is the hero of the plot. No one even bothers to ask what assumptions drive the conclusions.In some cases, the isotopes eject particles, primarily neutrons and protons.(These are the moving particles which constitute the radioactivity measured by Geiger counters and the like.) The end result is stable atoms, but of a numbers of protons and electrons.

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