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At Usagi Cafe Ohisama you can select a rabbit or two from their little homes, then you can take them to your table, some comfy sofas, or just feed them on tatami mats.

I* have been to a few cat cafes and theme cafes, but the rabbit cafe was the best. There are plenty of clothes to try out and even rabbit themed meals.

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The prices are a little expensive, but it is a rather unique experience, and you will certainly want to show your friends all the super cute photos that you’ll take.

Furthermore it’s also a good alternative for all those of you who love rabbits, but who cannot make it all the way to “Rabbit Island” (Hiroshima). He has lived cheaply in Japan for over 5 years, and writes for Super Cheap Japan, a travel guide dedicated to budget travel in Japan.

Customers could even buy a costume for their chosen little rabbit and take him or her off to the park.

How could you not have fun dressing up a rabbit in a kimono?

The famed loo is surrounded by exotic fish on three sides and is the top-most attraction for many tourists who visit here.

Whimsical isn’t even the apt word when it comes to describing a few of Japan’s quirky architectural wonders.

Extending on the same lines and drawing inspiration from the marine life is the Hipopo Papa (formerly known as Mumin Papa) café that recently became popular owing to its women’s loo. Surrounded by a ton of fish, the toilet boasts an aquarium setting of sorts that also happens to be the sole reason for its growing popularity.

The ‘women’s only’ loo, however, comes with its own set of drawbacks.

It is said that some patrons end up spending way more time in the aquarium toilet while others refuse to enter the premise and find it rather daunting to do the task with hundreds of sea creatures (including a male turtle) gazing at them!

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