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As a gesture of peace, Archer gave Shran detailed sensor readings and images of the facility and allowed him to leave freely.

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The Andorians had for a long time accused the Vulcans of hiding a clandestine long range sensor array in the monastery for illegal surveillance of Andorian territories.

(") In late 2152, Shran was commanding ground forces deployed to Weytahn, a planetoid strategically located between Andorian and Vulcan space (referred to by the Vulcans as Paan Mokar).

Recognizing a dangerous stalemate with the Vulcan forces, Shran sought to negotiate a truce with Vulcan ambassador Soval, with the talks mediated by Captain Archer.

( In December of 2153, the Kumari was deployed to the Delphic Expanse with orders to capture a prototype of a Xindi weapon for use as a deterrent against a potential Vulcan invasion.

Shran followed Enterprise's warp trail, hoping to save time as the Human ship was also searching for the Xindi weapon following the Xindi's unprovoked attack on Earth.

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