Jewish sex chat line

She sneaked out of the house and found computers hooked up to the Internet in coffee houses.

In secret she reached out to others online, hungry for information.

Later, that hunger included the desire for a satisfying sexual experience with someone other than her husband.

"Getting attention from other people was just for me an escape. While in her 20s she decided she could no longer live what she called "a lie" and she divorced her husband.

But in the course of a three-month investigation CBS 2 HD found something hidden -- secrets kept not only from the outside world, but from each other.

Some Hasidic men and women are straying far from their beliefs and breaking their marital vows.

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Yossi said he knows adultery is taking place because he said he had affairs with several Hasidic women.They claim to be from Flatbush and want another Orthodox Jewish woman to join them for sex."I know of swingers in the ultra orthodox community, which shocked me to hear it …while married." He said things spiraled out of control when he fell in love, for the first time in his life, with a married woman whom he continues to have an affair with.He divorced his wife, which he said left him a ruined man in the eyes of his family and community.

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