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On Christmas morning, the masqueraders would parade through town, entertaining onlookers.They would also stop at wealthy homes to dance and sing in return for gifts.

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He grew up in Norway and was born to a Gambian father and a Norwegian mother.Date Observed: December 26 to January 1Location: West Indies and formerly in thesoutheastern United States J unkanoo is a Christmas-time celebration that originated among slaves in the British West Indies and spread to the southern United States as early as the 18th century.While Junkanoo is no longer held in the United States, it continues to be a major national cultural event in the Caribbean, particularly in the Bahamas, and also in Jamaica, Guyana, Bermuda, and other former British colonies.For example, some attribute the name to Scottish settlers in the Bahamas.Junkanoo paraders' attire was composed of at-hand materials, such as shrubs, leaves, stones, bottles, and paper.

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