K9 sex chat room

I am a mod there and have been active most of my life. If you are an active zoo or just genuinely curious and would like to talk to others like you then I encourage you to join us. Mastiffgirl was a mod on motherless and she started up this chat room for zoos after the ban on bestiality. If you have questions or concerns there are many experienced zoos there that can help. Most of the first batch of users were refugees from motherless. The site provider is in Germany and runs a number of porn sites including some zoo sites. If you go there and dont find anyone just stick around a bit and someone will show up.

She was a girl who liked to fantasize about being with a girl friend and had at least at one time fingered a girl friend. As we typed-chatted, I began taking the lead and kissing her and touching her young breasts. Instantly I was totally aroused and slick juices were all around my inserted 3 fingers. "Instantly she said, "Buddy is licking me noww oohhhhh! I am on my hands and knees keyboard on the chair and he is licking me. Then she typed: "Buddy is on me..trying to get the tip of it into me.Fakes and trolls need not apply and will be dealt with. One is the main room/lobby and is an English speaking room. So if you are uncomfortable with English you can usually find some German speakers in there. While we do share links and watch and discuss zoo porn vids the main purpose is NOT porn. Wobbler Just a couple points to cover some of the questions Ive received. Well since we have users spread all over the globe there is almost always somebody there. The site owner is German and she can usually be found in there. His tail raised and he tried to stand up as his tongue lashed out at my dripping open pussy. His cock was out a couple of inches and it was squirting tiny squirts of light liquid. My grasp on his cock tightened and as I stroked it through his fur the tip protruded. I rolled onto my back and spread my legs wide apart as one hand guided his head and scratched it... He was squirting bigger streams now with each stroke the cock hardened and came out more.

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