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In most of the studies, the eruption of the mandibular teeth also occurs ahead of the maxillary teeth (Shaweesh 2012).The aim of the present study was to evaluate the sequence of emergence of permanent teeth in children of Dakshina Kannada region of Southern India and compare our findings with those from other populations to identify the polymorphisms in eruption sequence.Dental examination was carried out by trained dental graduates with special attention to the status of eruption of the permanent teeth; a tooth was deemed to have emerged if any portion of the crown was visible through the oral mucosa without further manipulation.The terms eruption and emergence have been synonymously used in the present manuscript to imply natural emergence of the cusp tips of the tooth through the oral mucosa. The age of eruption of the teeth was derived from this data by Probit regression analysis as utilized by Shaweesh (2012).The sequence of eruption is affected by environmental factors like nutritional status, fluoride content, and socioeconomic status.Dental caries and premature loss of deciduous teeth (due to trauma, extraction or related disease process) will hasten the eruption of the permanent counterpart.The maxillary dentition was acquired faster in the females.The mandible showed more number of polymorphisms with I1 M1 type being the most common type of polymorphism.

Further, polymorphisms were observed more frequently in the sequence of emergence of mandibular teeth as compared to maxillary teeth.The emergence of permanent teeth in humans starts with the eruption of the permanent mandibular first molar at approximately 6 years of age with the rest of the dentition following a fairly predictable sequence of eruption.The estimation of the age of a child between the ages of 5 and 14 years has so far been facilitated by the adoption of published data/databases that have not always relied on the variations in the sequence of eruption between various populations and ethnicities.Table 3 shows the consolidated list of polymorphisms that exist in the maxilla and the mandible.Tooth eruption is a unique physiological process that originates with tooth development and continues through emergence till a tooth erupts into occlusion with the entire process taking approximately 12–16 years.

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