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communication is always important I am usually under an 'assumption' that there is no exclusivity unless expresssly communicated, UNTIL a sexual relationship occurs for me, there is going to be no sexual relationship without the commitment of exclusivity but, just online communications?

I expect them to have ,know, and communicate with others, and I suppose I assume they are expecting the same.

If this sounds nearly impossible, because you feel so emotionally connected to man, you can STILL do it.

One of the first steps to understanding why it’s so important to always keep your options open is to challenge the way we all think relationships should go.

One difficulty not addressed is when a relationship becomes sexual and the couple are not compatible and one person needs to leave and the illusion of fidelity is demonstrated Wanting exclusivity is not the wisest goal if one is seeking an honest and compatible pairing as commitment will fail if sexual parity is not fulfilled/// if there is security, commitment, trust and love i dont see any reason why a person would want to keep their options open.

these factors are hard to come by so when we find it in a relationship its time to focus and nurture that love.

or as an example let's say you're seeing somebody offline right now but you keep your profile online still running... Some believe once you meet someone and start seeing them.. but at the same time I don't want to close off any option of meeting the right person while I'm entertaining or dating what .could be the wrong person... I would communicate with anyone else who messaged me what I am doing..

this sounds judgemental but to me honesty and expressing what you want are key.. irrespective of whether it's the 1st or 40th date..

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Since then, we have gone out a couple of times and have been intimate.if there is security, commitment, trust and love i dont see any reason why a person would want to keep their options Rori Raye One of the things I discovered and made myself do that – completely improved my own love life and is the best dating advice I can give you – was to KEEP MY OPTIONS OPEN.What is confusing me here is when we are laying in bed, he always initiates the conversation about us.The last time we were together he asked me if I could see myself loving him and always jokes about us getting married and I told him that I could, but that he has to love me too and he told me he would if he knew that I loved him.

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