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If the person is unknown to you, then to call them by their most distinguished title is appropriate – Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.

Kenyans may also be addressed as mother of so and so, or father of so and so.

However, in Nairobi and other cities, gender roles and values are very much in line with Western cultures, where wearing trousers, drinking and smoking are common among females is common across the genders. Whilst Swahili (or Kiswahili) is the national language of Kenya, English widely spoken as the formal and international language.

However, as you move into the rural areas, the common language is Swahili or the mother tongue – tribe common in the area.

Culture and Customs of Kenya was a SUPERB book and was, by far the best book on the subject that I've read to date.

It gave incredibly accurate and detailed information without being elitist or condescending toward the more rural and traditional cultural aspects.

For Kenyans, the preserving of traditional cultures is as important as making the statement that Kenya is a modern nation.For instance, the mother and father of Mary may be referred to as ‘Mama Mary’ and Baba Mary’.Referring to your friends’ parents in such a manner is also respectful.Chapters on the land, people, and history; religion and worldview; literature, film, and media; art and architecture; cuisine and traditional dress; gender roles, marriage, and family; and social customs and lifestyle are up to date and written by a country expert.A chronology, glossary, and numerous photos enhance the narrative.

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