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Some collectors posit that the maple leaf was added when Stetson enlarged its Canadian manufacturing presence. So, maybe that is the reason Stetson added the maple leaf? We will likely never know exactly why the change was made.

Now, along with the common stars or maple leaf versions of the Stetson logo, the company also used many other logos and variations of the crest over the decades.

I only just now saw it for the first time this week.

But in the show from 1998, Shackelford misidentified the Stetson hat in the image below as a “Boss Of The Plaines” model hat. A true Boss Of The Plaines has a flat brim with a short, rounded crown.

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Hats with these crests and markings are practically non-existent out there, unfortunately.

These different logos were used even up to like 1920, or so, before the beaver/griffin version took over permanently. This is the liner inside a Stetson top hat made after 1913.

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This logo can also help you date a hat but only in a single point of demarcation–a before and after time period.Now, as with the other ways of dating hats, these guidelines rarely give exact dates.Sometimes they give a decade, sometimes a few decades, other times only an “era,” if you will (i.e. Keep in mind that using logos and liners is just one more tool to help date a hat.Dating Stetson Hats By Inventory Tag These tags are another of the many ways to track down a date of a Stetson hat.A Tour of My Collection of Antique Stetson Western Hats This fascinating page has detailed photos of Stetson cowboy hat collection. This is an interesting walk through my personal collection of antique fedoras. And now on with Dating Stetsons by Company Crests, Stetson Logos and Hat Liners…

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