Korean women and dating

Most Korean girls see western men as womanizers and playboys.This is since these men often attract a lot of attention from girls in the East.Therefore, you should never underestimate her parents’ authority over her, even if they are abroad.Additionally, many Korean girls seek their parents’ approval for a relationship, and may even break up with a guy if her parents disapprove.

Moreover, it is likely she is aggressive about this, so from your side be ready for these issues and don’t hesitate to hand over your phone.

If you are a western man, you stand a better chance of dating a hot Korean girl, more than the locals. Thus, they will make you sweat a bit even though they are so yearning to give in to your advances.

However, every woman wants to give any man after her a run for his money.

And if you decline her request, you will be held guilty of being a womanizer.

So, it is better to not whine about your privacy and hand the girl your phone.

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