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Kyle asked to go too, because the man from his dream, Professor William Kern, taught there. At the University, Kyle, Lori, and Declan found a picture of a man who looked exactly like Kyle but from 1985.Later, Declan is flirted with by an attractive girl, but he tells her he is with someone.Coach told Kyle to take Declan's place, but Kyle refused to play to protest the coach's actions.The rest of the team did the same, and Beachwood was forced to forfeit.The next morning, Kern's research assistant, Anna Manfredi, lets them look through the work that the young man in the photo did when he attended the University.As they browsed, Declan tells Lori he is upset that she slept with the other boy that night.Declan went to the Tragers' house to thank Kyle for standing up for him. A few weeks later, Kyle went to Lori's room where he found her and Declan talking.

A few weeks later during a rain storm late at night, Declan knocked on Kyle's window and Kyle let him in. In the morning Declan was seen trying to sneak out and pretended he had just arrived to wish happy birthday to Lori.

Declan told her that he had to play golf with his father the following day.

Lori and Hillary staked out his house, and he went to be with another girl.

Kyle realized he could listen to conversations from far away.

He knew he could use this to spy on Foss, and asked Declan to help.

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