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“I have three Catholic League championships, Roman has four of the last five. While Roman (21-4) is used to the Palestra, playing at least one game at the revered gym each of the last four years, La Salle was new to the stage.

The Explorers (22-3) didn’t seem to have any jitters, but their first quarter start was one they’d certainly like back.

Since 1956 there have been three instances of a five-way tie among all member schools, which occurred in 1980–81 (2–2 records), 1991–92 (1–1 records), and 1997–98 (1–1 records), though the latter two cases were during the period when there was no round-robin format, so not every team played all four other teams.

1956-57*, 1957–58, 1971-72*,1976-77*, 1977-78*, 1978-79*, 1980-81*, 1981-82*, 1983-84*, 1985-86*, 1986–87, 1987–88, 1988-89*, 1990-91*, 1991-92*,1992–93, 1993–94*, 1994-95*, 1995–96, 1996-97*, 1997-98*, 1999-00*, 2004-05*, 2007-08*, 2009–10, 2011-12*, 2012-13* 1959-60*, 1961–62, 1962-63*, 1966–67, 1975-76*, 1977-78*, 1980-81*, 1982–83, 1984–85, 1991-92*, 1996-97*, 1997-98*, 1998–99, 1999-00*, 2000–01, 2004-05*, 2005–06, 2006–07, 2007-08*, 2008–09, 2010–11, 2013–14, 2014–15, 2015–16, 2016–17, 2017-18 * – Denotes shared championship Bold indicates all five schools tied Although known primarily of an association of Philadelphia sports teams, students from the Big 5 also coordinate frequent student government meetings.

The Big 5 is an informal association of college athletic programs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

It is not a conference, but rather a group of NCAA Division I basketball schools who compete for the Philadelphia city championship.

Joe's, and Villanova do not always use the Palestra for their home games in the series.

There are intense rivalries inside the Big 5, most notably the rivalry between Villanova and Saint Joseph's, also known as the Holy War. Joe's–Temple rivalry has increased in intensity in recent years, mostly because of the "Goon Gate" incident in 2005 involving former Temple coach John Chaney where he sent in a player to intentionally foul John Bryant. La Salle considers Saint Joseph's to be its biggest rival.

They must not be from Philadelphia." a year after La Salle won the 1954 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament.Big 5 schools represent some of the oldest and most successful men's basketball programs in the nation.Four of the five teams—Temple (5th), Penn (20th), Villanova (23rd), and Saint Joseph's (40th)—are in the top 50 for all-time Division I basketball victories.The governments consist of La Salle, the University of Pennsylvania, Temple, Saint Joseph's, and Drexel University instead of Villanova.Drexel has representation instead of Villanova since meetings primarily revolve around Philadelphia issues.

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