Learning centers to accommadating blind students ww vingeren2169 vrouwendating info

– Let students touch or feel as many parts of the experiment as safety allows.Kinesthetic learners will remember a lesson better if they could feel and hold a bean seed, or touch the leaf of a plant, for example.This reinforces knowledge with a clear visual link.Strong visual learners may also benefit from seeing a Power Point presentation or short video clip.– Focus on auditory and kinesthetic learning opportunities.

– Allow children to dictate an explanation of a science principle rather than having them write it down or answer a test question.

A test could also be read aloud to the student with answers recorded by the teacher.

– Allow extra time for the student to get around during a field trip or nature walk.

Strong readers may also want to read independently to find out more about a subject.

– These students may benefit from seeing (and holding) a picture, book, or real life model such as a plant, sea shell, or other object.

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