List of reality tv dating shows

The show was canceled after only 4 episodes (with the rest airing online), but it was enough to establish itself as one of the more bizarre of recent reality shows.had all of the classic dating show tropes, including the smart girl, the crazy one, the sexy school teacher and the suitor who just wanted to find a girl to love him for who he really is (a fake prince).Episodes from season 3 of was a Fox show that sought to test the relationship of existing couples.The show separated the couples and then placed them with members of the opposite sex meant to-- you guessed it-- tempt them away from their current partners.The short-lived Fox show followed twelve American women all vying for the love of Prince Harry.Except he was not really Prince Harry, but a lookalike named Matthew Hicks.The contestant had nothing else to go on except the mom's description of the child and their experience on the date.In the end they would have to pick who they would want to date before finally having that person revealed.

The network had a ton of hits, each with their own hook to pull viewers in. With Valentine's Day quickly approaching there is really no way to avoid it: love is in the air.And what better way to find love than by going on a reality dating show?Plus the only "prize" of this dating show was keeping their relationship intact which, unlike some of the others which reward a cash prize, isn't that exciting. The men had to compete in "challenges" such as dealing with the paparazzi, giving toasts, and taking part in dance-offs.But like any good dating show, the guys also had a chance to spend one-on-one time with Jenner in hopes of not being sent home in a hot tub elimination ceremony (yes really).

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