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ADIs video...3 July 2019Actors, directors, and musicians are backing a bill to end the suffering of wild and exotic animals in traveling shows, which was showcased with a livestream launch event in Congress on May 21.

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Founded by the National Anti-Vivisection Society in 1979, and held on 24th April, this important day commemorates the suffering of animals...14 February 2019As the sun sets in Guatemala, lions Tarzan and Tanya cozy up at the Animal Defenders International (ADI) Temporary Rescue Center.The second city in the...29 October 2018New Jersey just made history by becoming the first US state to pass legislation banning the use of wild and exotic animals in circuses.Championed by Animal Defenders International (ADI), Noseys Law passed...26 October 2018ADI supports pending legislation in the US and Canada to end animal testing for cosmetics and the sale of animal-tested products.Championed by Animal Defenders International (ADI), Noseys Law was...5 December 2018The National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) is calling on the Home Office to urgently tackle the growing number of incidents involving researchers and their staff in British laboratories who fail...28 November 2018Described as a timely resource, a new book coedited by Animal Defenders Internationals Senior Science Researcher Dr Kimberley Jayne and Dr Kathrin Herrmann, critically evaluates the current use of animals...20 November 2018Ahead of Fur Free Friday, an international day of action on November 23, celebrities are speaking out against the horrific suffering of animals killed for the fur trade and backing calls by Animal Defenders...15 November 2018New government figures, released due to the requirements of the EU Directive on animal experiments, have revealed that the number of animals used for research in UK laboratories is nearly 50% higher (1.8...13 November 2018Animal Defenders International (ADI) has rescued six more tigers from circus suffering in Guatemala, as the organisation continues to help enforce the countrys ban on animal circus acts.ADI has...6 November 2018Animal Defenders International (ADI) applauds the city of Bridgeport, Connecticut, whose City Council last night unanimously voted to ban wild and exotic animal circus acts.

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