Love dating chuch church weddings

Churches are not built for glamour and picturesque scenes.

They are built for prayer and solemnity, and though beautiful could be austere looking rather than festive.

Take advantage of this and use bright colors that will pop out.

Aisles are the tricky part in church wedding decorations.

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Another great idea to decorate the wedding pews is to mirror the bouquet of the bride.

Here are some of the most creative church wedding decoration ideas for you to pick up on: Church weddings can be very dramatic in spite of the fact that churches are not built to look lovely and quaint. You just have to look at the church and see what complements well with it.

The high wooden ceiling has a rustic vintage feel to it.

But it is also challenging because there are a lot of things that you have to consider – the church, the reception, the guests, the entourage and even the decorations.

Decorating the church for your wedding can be more difficult than decorating your reception.

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