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The photos of Captain Edward Boulton and Sister Hilda Ward are with their daughter in the UK and Andrew, who works in the USA, hopes to be able to make copies soon.

Bigamy Some QAs were not as lucky in love as Hilda Ward.

Their romance managed to continue through the war as evinced by an entry in her husbands war diary for the 2nd June 1945 - "June 2 -Course of instruction on dealing sitting on summary mil court on members of Wermacht.

Returned via Luneburg and dined at 74 Br Gen Hospital. They were married on 18th July 1945 in Glasgow, and their first child, Pamela was born the following year on 17th February 1946.

» Find Friends - Search Old Service and Genealogy Records » History » QAIMNS for India » QAIMNS First World War » Territorial Force Nursing Service TFNS » WW1 Soldiers Medical Records » Field Ambulance No.4 » The Battle of Arras 1917 » The German Advance » Warlencourt Casualty Clearing Station World War One » NO 32 CCS Brandhoek - The Battle of Passchendaele » Chain of Evacuation of Wounded Soldiers » Allied Advance - Hundred Days Offensive » Life After War » Auxiliary Hospitals » War Graves Nurses Hilda Ward QAIMNS A bit of background about Hilda Ward QAIMNS: Hilda Ward was born in 1882.

Others may have fallen in love with their new wives but were killed in action and only found out about the other wives when they padres or COs returned effects and send letters of condolences to the registered next of kin.

Read more about Sister Dart and view her collection of photos.

Despite the dangers of Normandy and the advance through France, Holland and Germany love blossomed between Nursing Sister Lt Hilda Sharpe and Lt Col Reid (RAMC) They dated when they met in Europe but could not form a more serious relationship due to the war.

Their son, John Hendry, told uk: I will leave you to do the calculations!

I do know that if it had not been for the war they would never have met as they came from very different backgrounds, with her coming from a working class family in Birmingham and he from a well to do middle class family in Glasgow.

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