Male madison wisconsin turfgrass dating

Temperature, wind, vegetation, and roads influence incubation patterns of Greater Prairie-Chickens (Tympanuchus cupido pinnatus) in the Nebraska Sandhills, USA.

Ecosystem size predicts social-ecological dynamics.

Empirical Methods for Remote Sensing of Nitrogen in Drylands May Lead to Unreliable Interpr Fotelli, M. Forests 2019, 10(4), Gosselin, David C., Egger, Anne E., Taber, John (Eds.). Interdisciplinary Teaching About Earth and the Environment for a Sustainable Future. Socio-ecological determinants of drought impacts and coping strategies for ranching operations in the Great Plains.

Environmental Controls on the Seasonal Variation in Gas Exchange and Water Balance in a Near-Coastal Mediterranean Pinus halepensis Forest.

Adaptive fuel procurement in nineteenth century Great Plains landscapes.

Wickham, E., Bathke, D., Abdel-Monem, T., Bernadt, T., Bulling, B., Pytlik-Zillig, L., Stiles, C., Wall, N. Conducting a Drought-Specific THIRA (Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment): A Powerful Tool for Integrating All-Hazard Miti Young, A.

Awada, T., Skolaut, K., Battipaglia, G., Saurer, M., Riveros-Iregui, D., Schapaugh, A., Huddle J., Zhou, X., Martin, D., and Cherubini, P. Tree-ring stable isotopes show different ecophysiological strategies in native and invasive woody species of Bai, G., Ge, Y., Scoby, D., Leavitt, B., Stoerger, V., Kirchgessner, N., Irmak, S., Graef, G., Schnable, J., Awada, T. NU-Spidercam: A large-scale, cable-driven, integrated sensing and robotic system for advanced phenotyping, remote sensing, and a Bumann, E., Awada T., Wardlow B., Hayes M., Okalebo J., Helzer C., Mazis A., J.

Relationships between a burn severity gradient, cavity-nesting birds and habitat in ponderosa pine fores Korus, J.

M., Maps showing the Physical Hydrogeology and Changes in Saturated Thickness (Predevelopment to Spring 2016 and Spring 2011 to Spring 2016) in the Middle Republican Natural Resources District, Southwestern Nebraska.

National geoscience faculty survey 2016: Prevalence of systems thinking and scientific modeling learning opportunities.

Complementary-relationship-based modeling of terrestrial evapotranspiration across China during 1982-2012: Validations and spatiotemporal analyses, Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, 124, doi: 2018 Perrion, M.

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