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They want to share that experience with you, because they found something worth passing on. or by email El fin de semana del Encuentro Matrimonial es una experiencia positiva y personal para parejas, sacerdotes y religiosos/as.To register for a weekend retreat, click here: Weekend Application Form Upcoming Marriage Encounter Weekends in Orange County: May 17-19, 2019 July 20-21 (non residential, two day format) September 13-15, 2019 November 1-3, 2019 Questions? FAQs for married couples Apply by phone: 714-873-5136 WWME® Info: 714-873-5136 Mon-Fri: a.m.- p.m. Es una buena oportunidad para examinar profundamente su relación entre ambos, con Dios y con la Iglesia. The Second Vatican Council said, “The intimate partnership of married life and love has been established by the Creator and qualified by His laws, and is rooted in the conjugal covenant of irrevocable personal consent.For, God Himself is the author of matrimony, endowed as it is with various benefits and purposes. Every marriage witnesses to God’s faithful, fruitful, and lasting love for His people.FOR NEWLY MARRIED COUPLES As a couple traverse the many and varied states of life they continue to learn how to be committed to each other.Here are some helpful links for those couples who are newly married (0 – 5 years) and want to take the necessary steps to keep the marriage relationship alive and growing: For Your Marriage, an initiative of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops offers many resources. Div., teaches couples how to have lasting and happy marital unity.Through a combination of online resources, educational programs and publications, the Institute employs a time-tested approach to marital therapy that recognizes the importance of both science and faith in the process of marital healing.

INSTITUTE FOR MARITAL HEALING The mission of the Institute for Marital Healing is to strengthen Catholic marriages and families by educating spouses, marital therapists and clergy about common causes of conflicts in marital self-giving and effective approaches to alleviating such conflicts.Medios: Opera a escala conyugal, familiar y comunitaria, promoviendo los valores familiares propios de la cultura Hispana.validos en el momento actual al cual se enriquece al integrarse con otras tradiciones familiares en los Estados Unidos de Norteamerica. * Fomenta valores humanos y cristianos con tu Familia * Mejora tu vida personal Para mas informacion, communicate con: Esteban y Aracely Padron (714) 603-3219; (714) 603-3109.Click on the link to access the many resources available. Ideal for seriously dating, engaged and married couples of all ages, this series, offered in English and Spanish, provides an exciting and effective marriage formation track for couples, which equips them with the essential skills to deepen their empathy, cope with their busy lives, and strengthen and restore their relationships.Here are just a few of them: FOR ALL MARRIAGES: MARRIAGE ENRICHMENT & RESOURCES THRIVING MARRIAGES: A 3-PART COUPLE’S RETREAT This 3-part mini-retreat series, developed and presented by Dr. Excellent for kicking off or growing your church marriage fellowship, these retreats can be offered in 3-hr ‘mini-retreat’ format or full-day format.

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