Misyar dating

Age not an issue." "Young man, 21, excellent monthly income, seeks misyar marriage as soon as possible to single girl up to age 21 and up to 70 kg, living in Jeddah." "Egyptian doctor, 45, seeks pretty, white Saudi woman from Jeddah, age 28-40, for misyar marriage.I will visit her twice a week." "Egyptian accountant, 30, seeks misyar marriage with Saudi woman.Age, appearance, whether she has children, and whether she is a widow, single, or divorced unimportant.What is important is her ability to satisfy the needs of a man who desires things permitted by religion (halal)." "Young, highly educated man, 29, energetic and with a winning personality, seeks single woman or widow aged 18-50 living in Syria, for misyar marriage." "Saudi clerk, 38, from a well-known family, seeks pretty, white, delicate businesswoman or clerk for misyar marriage.Advocates of misyar marriage argue that such marriages meet the needs primarily of women who have little chance of finding a husband for ordinary marriage.These include widows, divorcees, and especially single women who are beyond marriageable age [ awanis].The poll's respondents said that misyar marriage had the following effects: harm to children, because there is no basis for a family; harm to the woman, because the husband has no responsibility towards her; increase in divorce, particularly after the marriage becomes known to the husband's other wife; economic problems for women who have children from these marriages; social criticism of women for having agreed to such a marriage; and women's emotional suffering due to constant fear of the results of this marriage.

The Sunni clerics reject the comparison between mut'a and misyar marriage, stressing misyar's formal aspects which meet religious requirements; however, at the same time, they disregard its essence as well as the fact that such a marriage is no basis for a family.These marriages fulfill all the conditions [for marriage in Islam]...Perhaps society does not accept them, [but] there is a difference between whether the marriage is socially acceptable and whether they are permitted from the point of view of religious law.A veteran Saudi matchmaker told the London daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat that since the publication of the fatwa permitting misyar marriages, she had received at least 15-20 requests per day from men of various ages for such marriages, from men under 20 who did not object to women over 40, up to men in their 70s.She said that the young men who marry women aged 40 and 50 remain with them until they finish their studies.

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