Mlaysian sex dating

Regardless of whether offering money for sexual services is a crime or not, many dating platforms suspend or ban members who engage in either offering money or offering sexual services.

This is because committing either of these acts can be a violation of their terms of service.

According to market research company You Gov, 3 out of 10 Malaysians have used some form of online dating service and 52% know at least one couple who met online.

With that being said, there have been cries of scammers and malicious individuals harming others through the use of online dating platform.

So, you might actually get in trouble with the law if you offer someone else money for sexual services.

You can read more about it in our article on whether prostitution is legal in Malaysia.

Malaysians are no strangers to searching for love through different means, including deploying oranges once a year.

Basically, it’s a breach of contract and the app providers are allowed to prevent you from using their site ever again.

To address it off the bat, it’s not that the offences mentioned above are not “serious”, but when we refer to “serious” crimes here, we are referring to crimes such as rape, child, grooming, assault, and so on.

Such scams, tricks, harms, and other foul concoctions indubitably fall on the wrong side of the law and you can lodge a police report if it happens to you.

On the flipside, we might also be doing some of these without realizing that it might be against the law.

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