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I borrowed a picture of some skateboarding dude, and claimed that I was looking for women over 40.

"Looking for mature ladies who can appreciate a young and hung dude," I wrote.

I was actually happy when I went through the ads of the women of our area and didn't see my mother. *** What started off as a joke was becoming something else. I was taking my digital camera out and, after making sure that there wasn't going to be anything recognizable in the picture except for an eraser and the top of a newspaper that showed the date, took a couple of myself.

She looked good to me though, and I had long harbored fantasies about her.

If that wasn't bad enough, in the part for a personal comment, while she wasn't as graphic as many of the ads, there was something unsettling about reading this from your mother. Cute kid like you, what do you want with a old woman? Luke Warm Mama: To be honest, the picture is a few years old.

"I only call myself Luke Warm Mama because I've been divorced for 5 years and haven't gotten any for a while, so while it might take me a few minutes to remember how to do it, once you get my pilot light lit I'll promise to wear you out. Young Fungi: I'm betting that you aren't getting older but getting better.

*** I blame it all on my Psychology 101 professor... Young Fungi: I don't give a shit about bimbos with silicone jugs.

If the old coot didn't cancel one of my classes, I wouldn't have gone home in the middle of the day.

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