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His father, Dennis Graham, is an African American and a practising Catholic from Memphis, Tennessee, and worked as a drummer, performing alongside country musician Jerry Lee Lewis.Bass guitarist Larry Graham and the late songwriter Teenie Hodges are his paternal uncles.We rejected some men because they seem to be in long-term romances heading toward marriage, others because it seems they’ll never marry.To the many men who think they belong on the list, there’s always next year. The Yankee shortstop’s sex-symbol status has only grown since he was stalked by Mariah Carey, and mocked in American Express ads for his propensity to party. Con: Demands near-perfection – at least visually – in his dates. Tall, dark, super-serious mayoral press secretary went to Collegiate, then the University of Pennsylvania. Pro: He can give you a private tour of City Hall and Gracie Mansion.Lil Wayne’s long-awaited memoir of his time spent imprisoned at Rikers Island will finally see release.According to listings that have popped up on Barnes & Noble, the Apple Store and publisher Penguin Books, rapper admits that he had sex with Wayne’s girlfriend.A., the Raleigh in Miami, Sunset Beach on Shelter Iasland, and a new place in St. Pro: Plenty of women would like a shot at taming this rogue bull.

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Ranger.” Con: Is serious with girlfriend Michelle Dupont, a music-industry personal assistant. Mystery billionaire was a math teacher at Dalton just a few years ago. Con: Was one of Mort Zuckerman’s partners in failed attempt to buy New York magazine. The son of Planet Hollywood tycoon and movie producer Keith Barish recently sold out his interest in three Las Vegas nightclubs to Kirk Kerkorian for million. The hunky actor dumped Mary Louise Parker when she was 8½ months pregnant and ran off with Claire Danes, but that might not last too long either.Pro: Quite single despite his friendship with babelicious Britny Gastineau.Con: His big mouth often misfires, as when he blasted Giants fans because they had the nerve to boo him and his disappointing teammates. The ever-smiling hotelier – who owns The Mercer in Soho, Chateau Marmont and the Standard in L. Con: Seems to be giving Uma Thurman more than his shoulder to cry on. The adulterer/actor finally shed his pretty-boy image this summer, brazenly cheating on wife Uma Thurman.They come from all sorts of backgrounds and generations, with different talents and widely divergent incomes.The only thing they have in common is they like women.

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