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When one of the widows finds a book of sexy stories in English and shares it with the class, Nikki realizes that beneath their white dupattas, her students have a wealth of fantasies and memories.

Eager to liberate these modest women, she teaches them how to express their untold stories, unleashing creativity of the most unexpected—and exciting—kind.

A hunky 30 year old local boy was cruising the parking lot and he made a B-line straight to my car. " The local made a motion with his hands like he was hitting a joint.

I locked up and jumped in the passenger's seat of his Dodge Charger.

Daddy will sit in his chair and tend to the fire as I perch myself on the floor at his feet, my he… Read more Daddy's working away again, I really miss him when he's gone.

I miss his snuggly cuddles, I miss his deep sexy voice, his gruff, grizzly beard.

I can't reach the blissful, bed s… Read more The Tutor and Jenny (Part 4) by Claude van Feinbode My knees were a little weak as Rachel walked out of the room.

I realized that I was keeping my guest waiting and I quickly dressed in blue jeans, black button up shirt with French cuffs, jacket and comfortable shoes.

Standing th… Read more I was desperate and horny, and with my best friend Todd deciding to take the "straight road," I didn't see much hope of getting laid in the near future.Aunt Mary lived on the… Read more Ben and I had been together for a few months.He lived in Birmingham, Alabama, worked in Atlanta during the week which enabled us to get together most week nights.We had become even closer often playing and cuddling for the last three years ever since my Aunt Mary let us sleep together to be honest Aunt Mary had no choice she only had a two bedroom flat Let me explain Mom and Dad had gone on a business trip and left us in the tender mercies of our Aunt Mary my Mothers Sister for a week.Aunt Mary had never been married and had no idea of the complexities of a girl and an older boy sharing a bed for a week.

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