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- With an unparalleled vision of sustainable and profitable growth, Gears Group is operating in textile industry for more than 25 years, a 100% export oriented company.

- They are dealing with high-end buyers like Adidas, Umbro and UK&USA based many other buyers.

At the same time, to yield high-end products, the sewing machine is of the utmost paramount feature.

Uni Gears Ltd is unique here, they proved their caliber in producing active wears and in this endeavor they are proudly using Brother sewing machines, a name which creates unparalleled confidence.

“As we manufacture high value-added active wears and use synthetic fabrics mostly polyester, puckering is a common and sweltering problem for us. The prime challenge now in the sewing industry is time and cost after the resetting of the new wage structure.

Fortunately, I know Brother for ages and they have almost all solutions for the sewing industry.

Are you telling me that two of the greatest sewing machine pioneers of the period did not see the potential in the machine!

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He was a genius at seeing potential and the model 12 had limitless potential.

It was one of the first really reliable and easy to use lockstitch sewing machines in the entire history of the planet. There are some wonderful legends about the New Family sewing machine and its invention.

One of the best concerns one of Singer's salesmen, James Bolton (1832-1916) who, amongst other places, ran the Singer Chicago office at 50 Clark Street.

‘Puckering free stitch’ is the most attracting feature of S-7250A.

Because, Digi Fex Feed technology can change the feed motion depending on sewing material and process. Till now we have no puckering issue with this state-of-the-art machine,” Mr. “We continuously have to be up to date to sustain in the business.

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