My dad dating my mother law

He'll fly overseas at a moment's notice, calling from the airport to say a quick goodbye. If she was using him, it wasn't for the little money he had. She made him laugh, she was smart, she challenged him. More than a decade earlier, he and my mother had gone through a messy divorce.

He flutters from job to job, never really explaining his reasons for leaving, constantly finding himself in unlikely circumstances. They'd been madly in love for many years, but their marriage ended in screaming matches and arguments over money.

You never want to hear it, Brooke, but your father, your perfect father, wants to screw me out of everything." Then she started crying.

My parents were the kind who attended every ballet recital and graduation.Yet when my parents announced they were separating, I felt as if the world had collapsed in on me.There was the realization that home would never be the same.We're having a nice day, despite the fact that Dad is still refusing to sign the divorce papers. I can't reminisce about my childhood or say anything about Dad. But the anger traded between us during the past few years simmers below the surface.On the way home we talk about Mom's recent forays into dating. I'm not sure what I've said wrong, but the comment turns a quiet conversation loud. In the car one afternoon, Mom talks about her shirt not fitting right, how she wants to go to Europe this fall.

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