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Season five ended with Jake and Amy’s wedding and a cliffhanger about whether Holt will become NYPD commissioner; season six picks up right where five left off, with Jake and Amy on their honeymoon and the gang getting back together. swung from laudatory to derisive in record time, and after its poorly received second season, it seemed possible that the anthology series would never return.But time truly is a flat circle, because 2019 is giving us not just a third season of , but a third season starring Mahershala Ali in three different timelines, playing a man who struggles to solve a case that eluded him as a young detective and continues to haunt him in his old age.future with a flurry of high-profile adaptations; Netflix will face serious challenges from a trio of new streaming services by Disney, Apple, and Warner Media; and the march of Hollywood’s A-list to the small screen has burst into a full-on sprint.In other words, there’s a ton of great television coming in the next 12 months.Is it possible that two people who first bonded by scoffing at commitment will wind up happily ever after?Honestly, I’m not sure if I’m even rooting for that to happen, which is what is so intriguing about this last season of , but the show was rescued by NBC and is now returning to TV.

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Speaking of dating shows, applications are now open for Love Island 2019. The third season is a return to the themes and tics of season one, so if you’re in it for southern gothic darkness with a solid dose of creepy-ass dolls, you will probably enjoy yourself. In other words, it’s the kind of expansive story that’s better suited to ongoing serialized television, which is where Scott, along with co-executive producers Matt Reeves and Liz Heldens, ultimately landed the project.Fox’s adaptation of focuses on the story’s genesis in the work of Project Noah, a top-secret medical project doing viral experimentation with the potential to eradicate all disease, and/or the human race.The return date for First Dates Ireland has been revealed.The new series of the hit dating show will premiere on RTE 2 on Thursday January 10th at 9.30pm.

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