No fear dating the dark underused secrets

Conversations and laughing surrounded her as she passed her classmates. Her spiked, amber and gold hair was the first thing Moondancer noted. “Don't ever let them make you think there is.”“Thanks…”“Anytime.” Lightning smiled, pushing off the lockers, walking with her to her next class. “Listen, I appreciate're just going to get yourself in trouble because she won't stop…”“Don't care.” She shrugged. Ever since Sunset chilled out, we've been relatively good…” She looked over to her. You're an easy target because you don't have a circle of friends.” She explained. ” Moondancer asked, taking a seat beside Lightning, who had sat during the introductions.“Vinyl is mute, she texts often and can sign.” Octavia said. ”Moondancer giggled softly, Lightning smiling as well. Looking past the taller woman, she spotted the girl from before smirking, a taller girl sitting beside her, a scar across her left eye, and curly white hair, she waved with one hand, a cocky smirk matching the bully from before. She felt herself go rigid when a voice spoke up.“S'a matter, Moondancer? I betcha yer gay ass just ain't got a real lay before.” She sneered. “‘I'm not 'busy’, and 'sure’.” She clarified.“Awesome. ” She asked, Moondancer nodded.“Thank you.” She turned to enter.“Lightning! ” She turned to face a slightly shorter girl with rainbow hair.“What happened? ” She crossed her arms."Listen, it was justified.” She shrugged.“Tell me how cracking someone's jaw is justified.”She glanced to Moondancer. I'm not in trouble.” She assured her, motioning her to go in before she looked to Dash and motioned her to follow. ” She asked, anger building as she thought it over.“Outed her in front of this.” Lightning stood beside her.“I'll talk to Vice-Principal we need proof. I saw red.” She admitted.“You did the right thing, Dust. She had a mix of blue and pink curly hair..just being near her, Moondancer could pick up the scent of different candies.“Bonnie~” Lyra whined, shaking her gently.“Cut it out.” She groaned.“That's Bon Bon. Moondancer looked to the blue haired girl, who waved with a smile.“Moondancer, this is Vinyl.Until this matter is solved, please accompany Miss Moondancer.”“Already on it.” The athlete saluted.“When I can't, I've got my crew looking after her.”“Excellent.I had just finished that morning the final exams in my accounting and banking degree and I was, I guess, blowing off some steam walking through London, having been overwhelmed with studying for difficult exams for weeks.

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“What are you bothering the poor girl for, Lightning? Though your intentions may be good.” She scolded the athlete.

“But yes, you're free to head home.”Lightning and Moondancer walked down the halls. ” She asked.“I feel like I should go home…” Moondancer looked down, fiddling with her bag.“Alright.” Lightning shrugged, “Do you feel comfortable enough to walk by yourself or would you like me coming along? “She's already headed to Luna about you, which means she's already trying to get you out of the equation.”“I'm'll take more than that. “Tough cunt wants ta fuckin’ sound like she’s more than a meat’ead.”Lightning took a deep breath before turning. ”“Without a doubt.” Lightning answered immediately, which earned a grin from the taller girl.“Easy now. ”“Walk away if you’re not gonna swing.”The girl rolled her head as she chuckled, a sudden right hook hit Lightning’s jaw. ” A man said, leaning out of the door to the gym.“Lucky you.” The girl grinned down at her.“Keep thinking that.” Light smirked.

Promise.” She chuckled.“Then...please walk me home.” She smiled up at the taller girl. The athlete returned to town, headed towards her usual gym. I didn't recognize her.’ She mused as she walked.“Well. “Are you just gonna goad me into a fight, is that what this is? She planted her feet and returned with her own, the taller girl recoiling slightly.“Oof, tough cunt’s living up to her name…” She groaned. The taller girl turned, headed back down the street, Lightning heading into the gym.

And, why the depression cuts so profoundly deep for a young woman called Emily who, though I didn't realize it then, was already coming to the end of my road in the UK.

Maybe it's the fact that it's freezing, but not cold enough to turn the slush into beautiful white snow flakes. Or the fact that when I look around on the tube, I feel like I'm the only white English face, a stranger in my own city. London swells to over 14 million people during the day, but the isolation of it, and the way people don't communicate there can be so different to Brooklyn which is now home.

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