Nurses dating surgeons

However, I am uncertain about how we would fare in the future and whether I would be able to relate to him on that certain level again.How is your relationship being married to a doctor? Also, if it makes any difference, far off into the future I will probably go into advance practice nursing and get a DNP of some sort.At least with a doctor, you could still talk about your day and have your partner understand it, but leave the field open to talk about things outside of work since they are completely different jobs.That said, you'd have to be sure of who you're with and that the mutual respect is there.I've always been put off by the idea of dating a doctor myself because I'm afraid of it being too much shop talk and venting and a general fear of being in a relationship where I'm serving as a caretaker for someone used to being taken care of, but that's more a personal problem....

Obviously this would be a shitty person to be with since they probably wouldn't be inclined to take your career/venting sessions seriously. We both have busy schedules but we both made sacrifices for dates and stuff during the early stages of our relationship.Do you feel like you can relate and understand the varying stages of medical training? My gf soon to be wife is studying to become a radiologist and im finishing my last semester for nursing. Our hangouts were literally just hitting the books.Quite the stressful relationship but we still made it out I think that you should be able to relate to each other just fine--MDs and RNs work closely in the same field after all, its just not the same profession.Truly, I ask this question because of horror stories I've heard of relationships souring because of overconfident physicians or doctors cheating with other physicians/med students. Until I hear about him yelling at OR nurses again then it won’t be. We talk shop when we need to decompress about something like a shitty outcome or day. At this point, this is very relatable in that he is currently an MLS and gripes about nurses and having to speak with nurses who "don't understand MLS or what they do" quite frequently.I trust him deeply and don't think he would ever do this, but maybe I wonder whether I could play as much of a role in his future as an aspiring physician. I don't really know see how or why you'd approach it any differently other than maybe the potential courseload being stressful. He’s an ortho resident now, was a med student, and I’m an OR nurse, was a nursing student. Other then that we have other hobbies like Xbox games and such. Being a CNA now, I like to point out some of the stressors nurses have to endure while he complains about nurses who don't know how to label specimen and expect them to magically know who the specimens belong to, such as getting a stick on an aggressive patient.

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