Oracle consolidating different calendars

Real World Oracle Apps contains Oracle Apps related business cases / solutions from real implementation projects across the globe.If you need more information regarding any of the solutions described in this blog, please contact me at [email protected] Global clients who want to implement Consolidation functionality within Oracle GL.

Any Level of Detail: Consolidate detail transactions, detail balances and summary balances.6.Overlay Mode was first introduced in Outlook 2007 after Outlook 2003 introduced Side-by-Side Calendars.Side-by-Side Calendars is the feature which lets you select multiple Calendars when you are in the Calendar Navigation (CTRL 2) simply by clicking the checkbox in front of the Calendar.GCS can be use to map values from old COA to new COA and balances from old SOB can be transferred to new set of books.2.Changing the Accounting Calendar after implementation. GCS can be used to map and transfer account balances from the old period to the new period.

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