Origin of speed dating

While the video library is full of games linked to Steam only, the Humble Store does focus primarily on DRM-free games.

Furthermore, similar to the marketing tactics of Green Man Gaming, the Humble Store offers superb sales all year round.

Steam offers great deals on various products, including the annual Steam Summer Sale which provides further discounts.

Like Origin, Steam has its own app that provides seamless and easy download of all purchases made.

Despite that, Green Man Gaming is currently the number two digital game distributor worldwide. Green Man Gaming has been around for quite some time now, and everyone who loves saving a few bucks off their pockets is definitely fond of this website.

Made famous for its ‘bundles’, the Humble Store is another great Origin alternative for purchasing digital copies of games online.

Steam is generally the first one to receive any games, plus it offers the best support for any game developing company, thus making it the only digital download source for such games in most cases.

If you want to explore the huge catalog of PC games, Steam is certainly the best option to go with.

That being said, Origin is only limited to EA’s titles, and other titles are not available for digital purchase on it.

If you are a PC gamer looking for portals to purchase new games digitally, Probably the biggest game marketplace on earth, Valve’s Steam is the undisputed champion of digital distribution of games, offering more than 15,000 games for its users.

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