Parents already dating

But remember you want his family to get to know you, not to get distracted by your ensemble.

The Accessories First and foremost, you want to convey refinement, style and taste at this important crossroads.

Remember you are going to be nervous no matter what.

No need to add a painful shoe or distracting chandelier earring to the already uncomfortable situation.

Great tips for Ooh La Lips Gloss is a great way to have shine without too much color.

(We recommend Neutrogena Moisture Shine® Gloss.) Choose a color that mimics the color of your lips.

After all, parents want to feel that the woman who is dating their son has good taste.You realize you will actually have to meet his parents.It means you are in for a night of the always-awkward getting-to-know-you routine. Meeting a man’s parents will always evoke a bit of anxiety (if not sheer terror) in a woman. You want them to like you and like you with their son.A unique or bright purse can be the perfect way to add a bit of sass to your outfit.The Makeup For makeup tips, we’ve brought in Neutrogena’s Celebrity Makeup Artist Matin to help you look your best when meeting his parents for the first time.

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