Paulina gretzky dating history dating in tacoma

Growing up the daughter of Wayne Gretzky, Paulina Gretzky is used to the spotlight.

Gretzky is a model, has appeared in films including Grown Ups 2 and is also a singer.

Wayne set the rink alight in his time playing, with some critics dubbing him 'the best player in NHL history'.

As a result of her successful modelling career, Paulina has amassed hundreds of thousands of online followers.

She boasts over 700,000 followers on Instagram, where she can be found at @paulinagretzky The model can be found at the same username on Twitter, but she hasn't tweeted since Christmas day 2014.

The model and Dustin have two children together - Tatum, three, and Rivers, one.

The loved-up couple were expected to be the superstar couple at the Ryder Cup.

To call some of these guys ‘playboys’ would be an understatement.

Yes, the list of the women these puck-chasers catch is very long indeed.

Which of course begs the question of why I didn’t spend more time practicing my slapshot?

While serving as a celebrity judge on Dance Fever, Gretzky met his future wife, American actress Janet Jones (pictured below).

And as long as we’re dredging up the past, let’s talk about Russian hockey sensation Sergei Fedorov, who managed to woo tennis player-turned-model Anna Kournikova (pictured below), back in the late ’90s.

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    “They still remain dedicated parents to all of their animals they share while lovingly taking this time apart.