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We then take all our messaging thoughts to Eric Silverberg, CEO and co-founder of gay dating app Scruff. We are one of the largest gay dating apps on i Phone and Android, and one of the first gay dating apps to really go global. So I'm just wondering if you can just tell us a little bit about the camera function in Scruff, like how it works and what it's designed to do.He explains why he built a camera function into the app and how he thinks the feature will eventually trickle down into straight apps. We are extremely popular here in the United States, down in Latin America, Western Europe. So Scruff gives you a number of ways to share content and share images with other people.I think because of that asymmetry that, perhaps it's a social construct, but that perceived asymmetry in power, you will see a lot more ... I think, for example, if a woman received content from a man that was perhaps risque or perhaps explicit, I think her reaction to receiving that kind of content would be very different than on Scruff, where if someone shares a private album with you and it's explicit content, the social construct behind that action and the emotional reaction to that, I think it's just very different.And so, I can understand why if you're creating an app for men and women, you might want to essentially lock down what you can do and what you can share.Even if you were to write the most sophisticated code possible, you could literally take a second smartphone and take a picture of the first smartphone, and thus have exfiltrated that content.I think this is as much a social issue as it is a technical issue. Sending a naked photo of yourself in 2017 doesn't need to be complicated, but with hundreds of thousands of messaging apps to choose from, deciding how to send that nude can require some thought.Do you take to Snapchat, i Message, or Instagram DMs? We talked to two people about how they make sense of this messaging app utopia.

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Ashley: Before we get into photo sharing and everything like that, can you just tell us a little bit about Scruff? It really is a social app the encompasses everything gay guys like to do online, whether it's meet, chat, hook up, but also connect to events, connect with guys when they travel. You can also select photos from your camera roll that you've already taken.So you can, in addition, share a collection of photos or unshare a collection of photos based on your preference.Kaitlyn: Tinder doesn't have any photo sharing ability in messaging.That said, Scruff is unique in its ability to allow you to both share and unshare collections of your private album, so collections of photos.Scruff is also unique in that we do allow our members to unsend photos in any message if they later change their mind.

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