Pitchfork spotify app not updating

Once you are approved as a developer, the Spotify client automagically gets a new ‘Develop’ menu that gives you access to the Inspector, shows you the level of HTML5 support and lets you easily reload your app: Under the hood, Spotify Apps is based on Chromium so those that are familiar with Chrome and Safari will feel right at home debugging apps.Right click on your app and you can bring up the familiar Inspector to get under the hood of your application.

If you click on the App Finder you are presented with a dozen or so Spotify Apps including Last.fm, Rolling Stones, We are Hunted and Pitchfork.

But if you are like most people who have experienced this issue, you are still stuck with the problem.

Here is a list of steps you can take to get the Store working and your apps downloading again.

To do this you have to email your credentials to [email protected]

I was lucky, it took just a few hours for my status to be upgraded to developer (currently it is taking one to three days for developers to get approved).

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