Private investigator internet dating

The report also checks sex offender status and significant arrests.

Julie told us her team doesn’t use court-runners to get information but instead relies on a carefully crafted approach.

“We use publicly available information that’s hard to find,” she said.

“Most people aren’t able to locate this data on their own.

Users submit information on a potential date, and Aste delivers all the data that can be found online.

You get information on major arrests, sex offender status, and social profiles.

On a news site, she discovered her potential date had been arrested a year earlier for robbing a bank.

She went further down the rabbit hole and found him on a wedding site.

When Julie sent him his mugshot, he admitted he was just trying to live a normal life before going to court.The Short Version: Founded by Julie Nashawaty, who was almost wooed by a bank robber on a dating site, Aste is on a mission to reduce the risks associated with online dating.Aste’s team of professional investigators offer a hands-on, proprietary service that scours the web, social media, official records, and other sources to discover all pertinent information about a potential suitor before you meet.Dating is hard enough without having to play CIA profiler.That’s why so many people have turned to Aste to help ensure the connections they are making online are real. “Sometimes it’s moms who don’t like who their daughters are dating,” Julie said.

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